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Are you tired of short term promises and looking for a long term solution?

At Fit Junkee we don't believe in fad diets or unrealistic training programs. We educate you on healthy eating and provide a realistic workout plan for all lifestyles and activity levels. If you want to eat that slice of pizza or peanut butter cup, we think you should! Living a healthy lifestyle means having balance and its okay if you make mistakes, after all you are only human. Don't give up because of misinformation. If you are done yo-yo dieting and spending hours on the treadmill we are looking for new clients to join the Fit Junkee Fam who want to live a happy and healthy lifestyle for the rest of their lives!

Fit Junkee Gym is a Individualized Personal Training Studio in the heart of Downtown Flagstaff, Arizona- 817 N Humphreys St.

We offer personalized training with no more then 6 clients per class, call us today- (928) 925-2631 or email!

All fitness levels and ages welcome.

We are dedicated to helping people get and stay healthy!

As a personal training studio we provide products and services such as 1 on 1 training, small group classes, boot-camp classes, consultations, weight loss/toning challenges, competition/event training, online coaching, weight loss programs, nutrition coaching, and more!

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1 on 1 & Group Training

Vinyasa Yoga