“I have been training with Caitlin for the past 4 months and I absolutely love working with her I recommend Fit Junkee to anyone who wants to get into working out.”

-Karen Bilbao

A great place to work out and an amazing community to help you meet your goals! Fit Junkee has helped me become healthier and more confident about my body than I've been in years!

-Nicole R.

“I never exercised, ever, until a few months ago. I didn't want anyone watching me and I didn't know what I was doing. Caitlin is so empowering and positive, she never makes me feel bad, no matter how ridiculous I looked. It's awesome that we are the only ones in the gym too. 4 months later and I can see such a difference, I look better and I feel so strong. Fit Junkee is where my excuses didn't work, I just worked. LOVE IT”

-Alison S.

“Very friendly and helpful staff. Great environment and great workout!”

-Emilee C.

“Excellent, personalized training and goal setting. Caitlin and team are amazing, listen to what you want and offer challenging workouts and advice to help you reach tour goals.”

-Anika O.

“This gym is awesome! It's personal training at its finest. Class sizes are small, most of the time I'm the only one in there and Caitlin always kicks my butt.”

-Kathryn B.

“This place is absolutely amazing! Great prices, and the team definitely gives in 110%. I have worked with Ashley and she pushed me to my limits but kept me going! I am excited to start my fitness journey here, and couldn't have asked for a better place! The classes are most definitely tailored to your needs, with a great atmosphere, small groups, and challenging environment! I also love the touch of lavender and the cleanliness of the facility. Thank you, Thank you!”

-Ashleigh M.

"Before my experience with Fit Junkee, I had never had the motivation or drive to become healthy and fit. I was extremely uneducated when it came to eating right and working out. As the weight started to pile on I was becoming depressed and I didn’t feel like I was living up to my full potential. That is when I was introduced to Caitlin. She was so enthusiastic, professional, and energetic. I explained my goals and my fears of failing. She put together an easy, yet effective, meal plan for me and I was coming to workouts every day. Soon I decided to dedicate myself to competing in a NPC bikini competition with Caitlin. Once this decision had been made, she became my entire support system. She is more than my personal trainer, she is my conscience, my coach, and my cheerleader. During those next 3 months I was able to go from 149lbs to 118lbs with consistent strength training and cardio on my own time. She makes workouts fun and effective. I would not have been able to dedicate myself the way I did without her. At the competition I was able to hold my head high while showing the world what I had worked so hard for over those last 12 weeks. Thanks to Caitlin I have more energy than ever before. I am strong, fit, and confident. She is more than I could have ever hoped for... I would recommend her to anyone."

- Shannon Welker

"Fit Junkee changed my life. I know that may sound like your typical gym review but if it wasn't for Katy I would probably be 3 large fries deep' finishing a fried buffalo chicken sandwich covered in sides and sides of ranch, on my way to many health problems. Her motivation, support, and determination helped me have the strength to lose 65 pounds, she kept me going through meal prep and stood by my side as I participated in a fitness competition. She helped open my eyes and changed my lifestyle to a healthy one. Yes I still eat French fries and occasionally indulge myself with some ranch BUT as a healthier me, knowing what is best for my body and health."

-Kayla Costa