Using Garlic Therapeutically


Raw garlic is a highly potent weapon for staying healthy. It is effective at fighting not just pathogenic bacteria. It fights all harmful microbes including viruses and fungi. For this reason alone, it far outperforms synthetic antibiotics for non-life-threatening infections and illnesses when used properly.

The necessary factor is to ferment the garlic. Fermented vegetables are always pickled, but not all pickled vegetables are fermented.

The Benefits of Pickled Garlic

*The inherent ‘hotness’ of eating raw garlic   
clove is greatly reduced, if not eliminated
*No garlic breath (Yay!)

Fermenting garlic eliminates the negative of eating raw garlic without reducing any of the natural benefits. In addition, the probiotic and enzymatic value of garlic is enhanced by fermentation.

So, how do we use garlic therapeutically?

To prevent sickness, it is recommended to consume one raw garlic clove per day. While fighting off sickness, consume one pickled garlic clove per hour upon waking (around 1 whole bulb of garlic per day). Additionally, you may suck on a garlic clove to soothe a sore throat. Those who are sensitive to garlic will likely find that pickled garlic will be no problem.

How to properly pickle/ferment garlic-


5-6 bulbs of garlic, preferably organic
1 pint of filtered water                                
1 tbsp. sea salt                                                                  


Separate all the cloves for each head of garlic. Carefully remove the papery skin from each garlic clove. Mix sea salt with filtered water. Add the garlic cloves to a mason jar and place a fermentation weight on top of the cloves. This will keep the cloves at the bottom of the jar when you add the water.  Add water/salt mixture, make sure at least 1 inch is left for air at the top of the jar. Close the lid tightly and place in a cool pantry or cabinet for one month. Don’t forget to date your garlic! After one month, transfer to refrigerator. Consume the pickled cloves as stated above or use to flavor dishes!

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